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Hello, I'm Luke, I've been a graphic designer and art director for more than 20 years, specialising in publishing. I've designed and art directed hundreds of books published all over the world and translated into many languages.

I also have a motorboat, just sayin'.

Luke Herriott

Graphic Design

Hello, I'm Rob, I started out as a retail designer and moved to Illustration after about 10 years. From illustration I expanded my remit to include graphic and motion design with a special interest in infographics.

I am jealous of Luke's motorboat.

Robert Brandt

Design & illustration

Hello, I'm Jason. My background is in publishing, and I have 20 years' experience of developing and selling concepts internationally, visualising integrated text and images, writing and editing pitches and scripts, and managing large projects and teams.

Jason Hook

Concept development & Editorial

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Musings on design etc.


Supplying artwork for design:

Resolution resolved.


Size and resolution, CMYK and RGB, copyright and sourcing. Print and digital. We try to answer the most common questions on this confusing subject.


Digital PDFs: Advantages and limitations


How to get the best out of this supposedly rock solid document format that can often turn out to be quicksand.

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Infographics and illustration

Timelines, relationships and processes can be much more easily understood with the use of well thought out infographics, they're not just there to look pretty.

Interactive widgets

Fewer documents are printed these days. Information can be layered to reveal patterns and  relationships so that the user is engaged and educated in a compact, engaging package.

Welcome to Watchbell

Specialists in helping communication experts

Magazines and reports

We've produced many print and digital company magazines that include engaging infographics, interactive content and contemporary design to make people feel like they're really part of something important.

Editorial services

With our background in publishing we can complement your skills with advice on structure, content and workflow for publications while providing copywriting, editorial and proofing services.


A lot of our time is spent on presentations. We bring speed, professional standards and creative tools to Powerpoint, saving you a lot of time and frustration and producing more engaging results.

Motion graphics

Create collateral that can be presented and shared, expound a narrative, explain objectives, use the voice over, music and graphics to make the message stick. We provide the whole package, including scripting if you need it.

Watchbell is your design partner, we'll help shape your content and ideas at all stages of the project and ensure that the outcome is polished, smart, visually engaging and fit for purpose.


Our timescale ranges from designing a magazine over a period of a couple of months to smartening up a presentation while you're flying to a meeting in another country.


Our role might be providing infographics for a report, designing posters, information packs or learning tools. Scripting and producing motion graphics, recording voice overs, writing up stories or designing a set of icons.


We're here to help you with the design and production process

Ideas to Assets

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